Enter Service: Leak and System Checks

Enter Service provides users greater functionality and reduces confusion by merging the previous options of Enter Interruption of Service and the Enter Leak and System Check. Over the following weeks we’ll be reviewing key components of Enter Service. This week we’ll be reviewing Leak and System Checks.

  • Leak and System Checks
  • New Appliance Installations
  • Regulator Replacements
  • Add or Remove White/Orange Tags
  • Tune-ups
  • System Turn-ons
  • Transfer Containers or Close Accounts

By using the Enter Service functionality to document a Leak and System Check, you will be able update the account information and reports in P3 (it’s a great way to clear Leak Check issue flags). If the inspection did not completely update all fields of the safety inspection, it should be documented utilizing the Enter Service functionality. This distinction is critical because when documentation is entered as a Safety Inspection all reports are updated, and if areas of the inspection are not completed, your reports will be incorrect.

If you find that a Leak Check was recorded incorrectly on a Safety Inspection form, there is no need to redo the entire inspection. All you need to do is conduct and record a proper Leak Check.


Once you have gone out and recorded a good Leak Check you are ready to enter it into P3.
Simply select Service from the Enter menu.
Next, select Leak and System Checks from the Reason menu.
From here you can update any system check you need to; in this case, the Leak Check.
Once the updated Leak Check has been entered, just click Update and then Save.
Tip of the Week