Enter New Account

We built this capability for our Mobile Web App and everyone liked it so much we decided to make it available for all P3 users.

When you log in to P3 now you’ll see a new option under the Enter menu—New Account. This capability is perfect to use when you first set up an account and you have all of the documentation in one place and are ready to enter it all at once.

Enter New Account will allow you to enter the account number, name, and address information (if needed) just once as you enter and upload all of the documentation needed for that customer.

The work flow is as follows:

Step 1: Account Number
Step 2: Cathodic Protection Inspection
Step 3: Photo Inspection
Step 4: Permits or Documentation
Step 5: Safety Inspection
Step 6: Duty to Warn
Step 7: Customer Agreement
At any time you can skip ahead or revisit the last step by clicking on the Previous and Skip buttons at the top of the page.
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