Duty to Warn Signature or Odor Test

This week we will finish up our review of the dashboard by covering the Duty to Warn Signature or Odor Test portion of the dashboard. It is critical to complete and archive signed documentation that each propane customer has been provided Duty to Warn information, and that they have completed an odor test for the smell of propane. This part of the dashboard flags any customer that did not sign off on the Duty to Warn information at the time that their safety inspection took place.
P3 Dashboard

It is considered to be an industry best practice to review work completed with the customer, and educate them about propane’s smell and the steps to follow if they were to suspect a gas leak at their home, as well as provide them with pertinent safety information (if you need to purchase any of the brochures PERC provides for consumer education, you can find them here). Finally, once all of this information has been reviewed, the technician should collect the customer’s signature acknowledging all of the information that was discussed.

Sample Customer Sign-off Documentation
Sample Customer Sign-off Documentation

When the completed or incomplete paperwork comes back to the office and the data entry occurs, it is the two highlighted fields below that will flag an account on the dashboard if the answer to either question (Customer Signed? and Performed Odor Test?) is no.

If you have any questions about this functionality or any other part of P3, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by replying directly to this email or by calling 207.712.8224.

Next week’s Tip will focus on archiving accounts in P3.

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