DOT Cylinders

This week’s Tip will focus on how to properly document and enter a DOT cylinder into P3.A DOT cylinder will always have a two-digit month followed by a two digit year. If there is a letter following the MM/YY format, that should be noted in the Last Re-qualification Date/Type (DOT Cylinders Only) section of the Safety Inspection form. There are two types of cylinder inspections that can take place that are signified with a letter:

5 year = E
7 year = S

If there is no letter with a certified RIN that follows the Requalification Date, then it should be tracked as a 12-year requalification.

P3 Propane screen
When completing data entry, be sure to select 12 Year Test from the dropdown under Requal Date/Type.
New Container Data for P3 Propane
Entering data this way will ensure that all of your DOT cylinders are tracked and reported properly in your DOT Cylinder Expiration Report.
P3 Cylinder Expiration
The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has communicated that these are the current accepted standards, but if changes occur that affect these date parameters, P3 will modify its data entry and reporting functionality to comply with the current policies.
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