CSST Tracking

Code Requirements
NFPA 54 7.13.2 CSST. CSST gas piping systems, and gas piping systems containing one or more segments of CSST, shall be bonded to the electrical service grounding electrode system or, where provided, lightning protection grounding electrode system.

Always default to your state and local regulations.

P3 will help you track any CSST in your customers’ homes that have not been bonded.
P3 Process
You can get a list of your customers that have CSST that have not been bonded by accessing the CSST Flash Report. You can do that by selecting the CSST Flash Report from the Reports drop down menu. This report is populated when CSST that has not been bonded is identified on a Safety Inspection.
You will then see a full list of customers with unbonded CSST in their homes. You can also click on the icon in the upper right corner of the page if you would like to download the list to Excel. We can also work with you do develop a letter to send out to your customers explaining the importance of making this upgrade. Just ask; we’re happy to help.
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