Clear Tags from the Dashboard

Code Requirements
NFPA 54 4.2.1 Notification of Interrupted Service. When the gas supply is to be turned off, it shall be the duty of the qualified agency to notify affected users.
When the gas supply to your customer has to be interrupted for any reason, that fact needs to be communicated to them.
It is important to track, document and resolve systems that have been tagged out of service.

  • This ensures that you do not continue to deliver to a system that has been deemed unsafe.
  • If someone else is taking care of the work that needs to be completed, your company needs to return to the home to complete the necessary tests and place the system back into safe operation before continuing with deliveries.
  • If the account is no longer using propane, you will want to return to the home and retrieve your container.
P3 Process
Last week we entered a tag utilizing the Enter Service functionality. You’ll now find that tag on your dashboard.
Just click on the Tagged section to see a detailed list of your accounts that have an outstanding tag.
When the necessary corrective action has taken place on the system, you are ready to remove that tag from the dashboard. First, you will want to select Service from the Enter menu.
Next, select Tags, lock outs and system turn on from the Reason dropdown menu.
When you scroll down toward the bottom of the page you will see the system tag. To the right of the tag description you will see the icon. Clicking on this flag will clear the tag from your dashboard.
You can then provide a few additional details about the tag and click .
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