Address & Resolve Photo Issues

Now that your photos have been reviewed by the designated Propane Safety Manager or Auditor, you are able to find them either under Priority Follow Up or Reviewed with Comments (Outstanding). Accounts and specific documents can also be reviewed in the same manner; once comments have been made, they will be moved to your dashboard. We will cover that in more detail in an upcoming Tip of the Week.

Reviews that are flagged for Priority Follow Up will show you the photo and information about the inspection, as well as any comments that the designated Propane Safety Manager has about what needs to be fixed at that customer location:

Once a technician has gone back out to the customer location to fix the problem, all you have to do is enter an updated Photo Inspection and the account will be removed from the Priority Follow Up portion of your dashboard. If you missed our Tip from two weeks ago about how to do that you can find that, here.

Reviews that are flagged as Reviewed with Comments (Outstanding) will show you the Propane Safety Manager’s comments as well as allow you to add you own comments about what was done to take care of the issue. This acknowledgment and explanation will clear this account from the Reviewed with Comments (Outstanding) portion of your dashboard. Acknowledgment should not be saved in P3 until the work has been completed.

If you have any questions about this functionality or any other part of P3, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by replying directly to this email or by calling 207.712.8224.

Next week’s Tip will focus on the Regulators Expiring portion of the dashboard.



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