Adding an Orange or White Tag

NFPA 58 and NFPA 54 provide requirements for vapor distribution systems that have failed a leak check or appliances that have been identified as being unsafe to be tagged out of service. Tagging that system or appliance is the industry standard for removing it from service. When a technician tags a system out of service, you will want to enter it into P3 for tracking.

Enter Service provides a process to track orange and white tags.

Order White Tags
White Tag: When a run out occurs and your company cannot document a sufficient leak check, tag the system with a white tag and shut off service.
Remove and return to the office for tracking
Order Orange Tags
Orange Tag: The orange tag is the unsafe appliance/component warning tag commonly referred to as a “red tag” used for tagging out of service a vapor distribution system, a portion of a vapor distribution system, or an appliance.

It is not necessary to enter the tag under Service if it was identified and entered as part of the Safety Inspection process.

Once the tag comes back to the office, you can follow these steps to begin tracking it in P3. First, you will want to select Service from the Enter dropdown menu.

Next, select Tags, lockouts and system turn on from the Reason dropdown menu.
Scroll down toward the bottom of the , where you will find the White/Orange Tags section. Click on the to add the tag.
Enter in the tag information and click .
Next, you can add any additional details and click .
Next week we will review how to update the tag information which will automatically remove the tag from your dashboard once repairs are complete and service is restored to a vapor distribution system or appliance.
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